Gál Tibor Winery

Gál TiborGál Tibor Winery was established in Verőszala Street back in 1993. Tibor Gál was the first to realize the significance of terroir based viticulture. Utilizing his expertise he searched for the most interesting and best situated vineyards of Eger and following the selection of grape varieties and clones he planted over 40 hectares of vines in three waves (1997, 1999, 2002).

On the 10th of February in 2005 the founder, Tibor Gál sadly passed away while working as a consultant in South Africa. The management of the estate was taken over by his family. In 2011 two silent partners joined with the objective of helping the winery out and continuing the legacy and work of Tibor Gál. From that year on Tibor Gál Jr. has taken over the professional management of the estate. Based on his experience gained abroad and in Hungary he and the winery team have planned to establish a modern processing plant in the centre of the vineyards, and have dreamt of creating a modern and attractive Bikavér Museum with adjoining service areas conforming the spirit of our age to increase tourism. We are proud of our past and want to continue this into the future; therefore, rebuilding has been started…

The aim of Gál Tibor Winery – in addition to restoring the reputation of the unique style Egri Bikavér and furthering the successful launch of the new white cuvée, Egri Csillag, on the market – is to establish a state-of-the-art cellar and ecological estate based on local values and culture.