Our Founder

id Gál TiborMy father, from whom I inherited not only his looks but also his philosophy, from early in our lives groomed us to carry on the journey he had embarked upon: establishment of the cellar, the vineyard, the Eger style, building of a team, caring for the town, working for the benefit of our country, representing and teaching humanity.

He was not merely a winemaker, in fact his winemaking activities are relatively minor in light of his social contributions. My father was a visionary, a turbine in the steam boat of Hungarian winemaking and gastronomy. I always feel proud that when travelling abroad – in the U.S.A, Belgium and France – people I have never met keep asking me with delight whether I am the child of Tibor Gál, the chief winemaker of Ornellaia and the most fantastic man they have ever met.

Well, yes, I am. It makes me feel immensely proud and bestows me with renewed energy as we, the Gáls, were entrusted with the task of building not only a winery but also a country, a future and vision.

One of the children of Tibor Gál, in fact, it makes no difference which...