• Gál Tibor Winery today

    Gál Tibor pincészetCurrently, Gál Tibor Winery operates a total of 40 hectares in five outstanding vineyards of Eger including Síkhegy, Pajados, Áfrika, Tornyos and the Nagy-Eged Mountain. Tibor Gál Jr. manages daily operations including the fusion of processes relating to vines, the cellar and catering, in which his younger sister, Veronika Gál is also involved.

  • 2014
  • Gál Tibor - Fusion

    Gál Tibor FúzióGál Tibor Fusion opened in late June, 2014. The 1400m2 complex comprises a 500-year-old Tuff wine cellar, a wine bar, wine shop, lounge, a wine-tasting room for 120 persons, one of the best equipped kitchens of the region, and the first Bull’s Blood Museum in the world. The building itself is a masterpiece, which intertwines traditional and modern styles, connecting the past with the present. The Fusion merges quality entertainment with a high-level gastronomical and wine experience. Any visit to Eger is incomplete without stopping by Gál Tibor Fusion.

  • 2013
  • Building the new winery

    Based upon the plans of Dénes Fajcsák and the Arkt Architecture Firm, the construction of the new winery began in 2013, in Csiky Sándor Street, deep in the heart of Eger where four adjacent buildings were converted together, including the courtyard of Markhot Ferenc Mansion.


  • 2012
  • 6 wines 3 brands

    As of 2012 Gál Tibor Winery has focused on just three wines, Egri Csillag, Pinot Noir and Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood of Eger). This endeavor was at the time unprecedented in Hungary and followed the example of famous foreign chateaus.

  • 2011
  • Partners

    TársakIn 2011 two silent parents joined the Winery, who in conjunction with the Gál Family committed themselves to carrying on the legacy of Tibor Gál Sr’s work. From that year on, Tibor Gál Jr. has been the chief winemaker and professional leader of the Winery. He embarked on creating a novel estate capitalizing on his experience gained abroad as well as his extraordinary minimalism characterized by his perfectionism. He dreamt of establishing an attractive, modern winery complex corresponding to the spirit of the age in the centre of Eger so as to increase the reputation of Egri Bikavér and to support the upsurge of wine tourism.

  • 2010
  • Egri Csillag

    Egri Csillag

    On 10 February the idea of Egri Csillag was born in the presence of 60 winemakers who had been invited by Gál Tibor Winery. Egri Csillag was introduced as the white wine counterpart of Bull’s Blood and the goal is to make it the second flagship wine of the Eger wine region.



  • Wine Stock

    The Winery started 2010 amidst financial difficulties. To counter this, Tibor Gál Jr. and his younger brother, Zsombor Gál, introduced the Wine Stock, a novelty in Hungary, with the aim of reviving the financial liquidity of the Winery. The Wine Stock attracted over a hundred investors, with whom the Winery has maintained a good rapport and close friendship ever since.



  • 2005
  • Mrs. Ibolya Gál’s work

    In the period between 2005 and 2010 the Winery’s operations were led by Mrs. Gál whilst Tibor Gál Jr. also helped with the daily duties while at the same time pursuing his oneology studies at Corvinus University. However, wine exhibitions, wine expos abroad, the cellar and work in the vineyard soon dragged him full-time into the cycle of the enterprise and therefore the much desired dream of a Formula-1 career faded.

  • 2005
  • Tibor Gál 1958-2005

    Gál TiborOn February 10th, 2005, Tibor Gál Senior sadly passed away while working as a consultant in South Africa. The management of the estate was taken over by his family. In the same year he was nominated for the Wine Oscar Award in Germany, the most renowned award for winemakers in the world. Mrs. Ibolya Gál and Tibor Gál Jr. were present at the award ceremony in his honour.



  • 2002
  • The first vineyard selected wines

    The first vineyard selected Pinot Noir wines were born in 2002 from Sikhegy, Pajados and Grőber vineyards. By this time over three hundred thousand bottles of wine had been produced by entities belonging to Gál Tibor Winery.






  • 2001
  • The Capaia estate

    In 2001 Tibor Gál Sr. took up a job as a consultant at the Capaia Estate in South Africa, where the entire estate was constructed based upon his ideas. In the same year he and Huba Szeremley purchased the 100-hectare Grassalkovich estate of Nagygombos near Hatvan.

  • 1998
  • Winemaker of the Year Award

    In 1998 Tibor Gál Senior was nominated for the prestigious Winemaker of the Year Award for the first time and he won. The award ceremony took place at Hilton Hotel Buda, where he received the award in the presence of his whole family. He created the Ornellaia Super Toscan cuveé in the same year, which was ranked the first on the list of the top 100 wines by the Wine Spectator magazine later in 2001.



  • 1997
  • Flying winemaker

    The first vineyards were purchased in 1997. "You can make good wine from grapes you buy, but for a real nice one you’ll need to have your own raw material."(Gál Tibor Sr). Tibor Gál Sr. spent 50-60 days a year in Eger. He divided the rest of his time as a consultant among Ornellaia, Aia Vecchia Wineries in Tuscany, Roncaia Winery of Friuli and Barbara Incisa Winery in Piemont. He was assigned with similar duties at the fifty-hectare estate of the Abbey of Pannonhalma and Eurobor Ltd. in Bátaapát.

  • 1995
  • The first Bikavér (Bull’s Blood)

    In the first three years the Winery only made wine from grapes bought from farmers. The Winery soon aroused professional interest. In 1993 Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Kékfrankos were produced. Following the thirty-six thousand bottles in 1993 there were already forty-seven thousand bottles on the market in the ensuing year.

  • 1993
  • The first years of the winery

    In the first three years the Winery only made wine from grapes bought from farmers. The Winery soon aroused professional interest. In 1993 Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Kékfrankos were produced. Following the thirty-six thousand bottles in 1993 there were already forty-seven thousand bottles on the market in the ensuing year.

  • 1992
  • Back to the basics

    The Gál Family returned home at the end of 1992 and the head of the family, Tibor Gál Sr, would go on to establish Gál Tibor Winery. The enterprise was started under the name G.I.A. Ltd. representing the cooperation between Tibor Gál, Nicolo Incisa and BMW Alpina, for which the letter “A” stood for.

  • 1991
  • The Tuscan years

    During this time, Tibor Gál Sr. would get first hand experience of how Tuscany managed to make its way from an almost unknown wine region to one of the top wine regions of the world. He had a long way to go starting as a cellar worker and becoming a chief winemaker at Ornellaia, where he nurtured good relations with the workers and the management alike. He could observe closely the building, development, organizational structure and trading of one of the largest wine brands of the world. He spent his most exciting years with his family in the Tuscan paradise.

  • 1989
  • 1989 – Right place, right time

    In 1989 Tibor Gál worked for Egervin as a Winemaking Sector Supervisor, when Marquis Ludovico Antinori paid a visit to Egervin. After three hours of wine-tasting and discussion the Marquis invited him to help his work at the Ornellaia Estate in Tuscany. "My wife is a wonderful woman. She encouraged me most to give it a try, go and look ahead bravely. I still recall the picture. It was the 15th of September when we rolled in with a Zsiguli caravan piled high with baggage. My father was with us, too. That was the day when the opening ceremony of the Ornellaia Winery was held in the presence of the nobility of the world: the Prince of Monaco, several ministers, the Agnelli family, six hundred VIP guests. The place was blue with the Carabinieri, and there we were with our Zsiguli car. The guard at the gate asked the secretary to come outside because a Hungarian Roma family had arrived. She came out and I heard that the Carabinieri were inquiring about us. “He is our new winemaker” answered the secretary. That is how it started."(Gál Tibor Senior)