The Hungarian wine sector needs drastic revamping. Wine region styles should be formed along with authentic wines of unique taste. Their number; however, should be limited per wine region. It is simply not possible to genuinely represent 10-15 wine types and 5-6 product families by winery in the world.

Eger is on the right path to creating this style. The white counterpart of Bikavér, Egri Csillag was introduced here. We believe wholeheartedly in this wine and are delighted to have it as part of our portfolio, and are the first to commit ourselves to producing these two wines. Gál Tibor Winery has restricted its portfolio to not more than 3 wines, of which only two, namely Csillag and Bikavér will be called “Egri” (of Eger).

We believe in a clear and unambiguous message. We believe in creative and dedicated work. As the quote says: “…to work precisely, neatly, as the star moves along the sky, so is meritable only..."

Tibor Gál