Egri Bikavér Superior 2013

Producer: Gál Tibor Winery

Vintage: 2013
Grape variety: Kékfrankos, Kadarka, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc
Wine region: Eger
Vineyard: Pajados, Síkhegy, Tornyos, Grőber
Harvest: 15th September- 20th October
Technology: Harvest in full ripeness into plastic bins, afterwards light crush, considerate processing. A long term, 26 days of maceration. After pressing, ageing in 220l Hungarian oak barrels for 18 months: After blending, 6 further months of ageing.

Wine description: The new generation of Bikavér wines. Its deep ruby red colour impulses real seriousness also proved by the slow movement of the wine in glass. In its nose "kékfrankoscherry", "kadarkapaprika" and "syrahpepper" dominate at the beginning than forming an exciting unity reminds tasters Eger. Its taste is in superlatives, very noble tense acids give serious all the same casual poise to its elegant body shows an extraordinary lusciousness.
"You see, this is Bikavér" - whispered into my ears our chief winemaker Gromon Tamás – when we opened together the first bottle. Gál Tibor

Gasztronómical suggestion: Excellent both with a simple beef stew and complicated wild dishes.

Best serving temperature is 16 °C after at least half an hour of taking the air.



  • Alkohol 14,28 vol%
  • Total acidity 5,5 g/l
  • Sugar content 1,5 g/l
  • Free SO2 31 mg
  • Total SO2 102 mg/l
  • Sugarfree Extract 28,6 g/l
  • Volatile acidity 0,89 g/l