TOP 10-ben a TITI Bikavér!


titiFelkerült az Egyesült Királyság, a The Drinks Business által közreadott TOP 10-es borlistájára a Gál Tibor Pincészet 2012-es “Titi” Egri Bikavérje.

Az angol szakújságírók legfrissebb, a The Drinks Business oldalán közölt TOP 10-es listáján a 2012-es “Titi” Egri Bikavér is megtalálható, méghozzá Fiona Beckett, a The Guardian, aDecanter és a Matching Food and Wine szerzője elismerő kommentárjával. 

A cikk angolul:

Now that Autumn is very much upon us, “it is a good time to think about what wine works best with game birds,” writes The Guardian‘s Fiona Beckett.

In an effort to move away from the typical Bordeaux / Burgundy / Rioja / Barolo pairing with deeply flavoursome meats – a pairing that still works, Beckett insists – she says that, if you’re cooking game at home, you should “let the other ingredients in the recipe dictate your drink choice.

“If you’re making pheasant with apples, say, a spätlese German riesling, or even a vintage cider, is probably going to work better than a red wine.”

However, “if you’re making a blackberry or damson sauce, you could do with the wilder, more exotic flavours you get in a Hungarian red such as Tibor Gal’s version of Bull’s Blood, Titi Egri Bikaver 2012, a blend of Kekfrankos, Kadarka, Cabernet Franc and Syrah,” writes Beckett.

The 14.5% abv wine is available in the UK for £17.50 from Oddbins.



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