Companies may book our function room for conferences, meetings, workshops, and we’ll provide the proper technical equipment (e.g. projector, dais, lectern, blackboard, flipchart, microphone, internet) with food and drinks that will help your decision-makers concentrate on the important issues only. The downstairs room can seat 30, while 80 upstairs in the following arrangement:
Rows of chairs: 25/50 persons (upstairs/downstairs)
Buffet reception: 30/100 persons (upstairs/downstairs)
Seated gala dinner: 20/70 persons (upstairs/downstairs)

*in the tasting room and guest room together


A Gál Tibor Fúzióban lehetőség nyílik nagyobb, akár 100 fős csoportok fogadására is, igény szerint vacsorával, irányított, szakmai borkóstolóval. Helyi rendezvények, fórumok, évvégi presztízs rendezvények tökéletes helyszíne. Csapatunk feltörekvő, kreatív, lelkes, vagány fiatalok, akik valódi élményt biztosítanak, a kért eseményeken, angol, német, olasz, nyelven.
*a kóstoló helységben és vendégtérben együtt véve


Lift your staff from its usual environment: let them leave behind the issues of their work and become children again; let them have fun and play, as these are the most valuable forms of recreation.
Hidden skills and emotions may surface, which the players learn to appreciate and fight; they will try to cooperate for the victory and communicate effectively along the road. This is something they can rely on later at work. 

Wonder whether wine can help or harm a team building effort? We believe it will definitely help. We offer team building activities to accompany the wines that have one thing in common. They create communities. They release inhibitions, help people let their hair down and meet each other, doing away with communication barriers.


A walk with Gál Tibor wines: Eger is beautiful, exciting and very baroque! Take a walk in the city with a glass of Gál Tibor wine and listen to its story. Kepes Institute, Marcipan museum, Egri Road Beatles Museum, Castle, Fazola gates, Basilica, Meder gallery and many more attractions.
Vineyard Autentic: Say whatever you will: the vineyard remains the most authentic experience: man is free, closer to sky in the centre of nature, and knows that the area around us is the best gift one can get! Prepare to make the most of it: roll in the mud, laugh, work your muscles and test your skills in team play…


What makes Fusion? Find out how to make the most of our building. Get ready to walk in the cellars, taste wines, test the amazing kitchen, blend Bikavér, see the interactive museum, do your best in the Bikavér quiz, the blind tasting, indoor treasure hunt, moving chairs in and out of the patio, recognise scents, build a cork castle, play wine activity and slalom between the barrels. Prepare for many funny surprises: would you believe that the simplest games are the best?
Email or phone +36 20 852 5002 for a detailed programme and quote. All welcome!


We are your best choice if you are looking for a venue for an elegant but understated boutique wedding. Where a truly bold environment will be the backdrop to the first day of your lives together. We are your best choice, if you want to celebrate this day with excellent wines and perfect wine and food combinations. If you want this day to be truly about the two of you. 
The best wedding parties are the ones, where the young couple visit us the next day hand in hand, and we can discuss highlights of the wedding over a perfect cup of coffee.

We offer a light wedding lunch or dinner whose scents and flavours will recall this wonderful evening even several years later.
At our events people don’t raise hell or get wasted on such big days. We have done away with the clichés of the gypsy band or the white gloves. Instead, our guests are laid back and enjoy time with the family. Upon request, we can take your guests on a playful tour of the cellars, tell stories, play good music and give you some stunning culinary experience. This is what we can offer.