Title: Enhancing the image of Egri Bikavér
By founding the Egri Bikavér Museum
Identification number: ÉMOP-2.1.1/B-12-2012-0052
Grant amount: HUF 175,259,556
Contracted period of execution: 15.10.2012-31.07.2014

Short description of the project:
As part of the project a thematic Egri Bikavér Wine Museum will be established in central Eger, offering cheese tasting, wine bar, an interactive Bull’s Blood of Eger Museum and Wine Info office in addition, with the purpose of uniting the wineries in the Eger wine region.

As a result, 4 new jobs will be created, the listed historic building in the centre will be renovated, the cellars will open for visitors and we will also enhance the image of the Bull’s Blood of Eger.