The Gál Tibor wines were produced with the idea that the best things in life, including wines, need to be enjoyed and appreciated. It is our passion to create wines, with an individual character, harmony and thrill in every drop.

We strive to create innovative wines, but with the traditions in mind. We respect nature, as it provides home to the flora, and thus our purpose is to minimise harmful impacts on the environment. We have embarked on a path leading to organic wine production, which is full of rich new experiences and things to learn.

We wish to remain as close to nature as possible without compromising on quality, but we still want to excel. We also want to make sure that the wines we create are expressive, elaborate, exciting and honest.


“Winemaking was my inheritance that I ended up with quite suddenly. I only saw the obligation first, but as time passed, I realised step by step that this is the road I have to travel. This is exactly the kind of life I want. I want to create.

Today I am the head of the winery and in charge of all steps of the winemaking process. I enjoy it tremendously now. I try to educate myself continuously and spend time on understanding the unique qualities of the grapes to be able to create perfection with this knowledge. This is my life and blood. It is not only about wine. I constantly innovate and make new plans for the winery, the wines and the Eger wine region as well.

Tradition, the past and my father are very important to me. Risk-taking is one of the traits I inherited from him. Middle ground is not the right choice for me: I believe in the power of shocking moves. Winemaking gives me a free hand to express all my ideas and thoughts freely, this is why I love it.”

Tibor Gál


The region has a unique climate and soil. One very hot and dry year may be followed by a rainy and cold one. We appreciate how nature is special and unpredictable, and want our wines to reflect exactly that. Obviously each vintage shows similar traits, but we do not believe in recipes or in repeating ourselves. Each harvest bears different characteristics, giving each vintage a story of its own.
Wine quality starts with the presence of the terroir, while the interaction between the soil, the climate and the human effort will only leave an impact on the grapes. Working in the vineyard means working for nature in our books. Our wines increasingly reflect their origin.
It is certainly up to the winemaker to determine the fermentation time, the type of barrel and the blending ratios, which in the end will result in harmony. Winemaking is a series of carefully considered choices. The desired wine comes to life.
Our final goal is to express the characteristics of the terroir, the vine variety and the region together and in harmony with nature. Our wines are renowned for their intensive taste, elegance and unique texture.

Viticulture is not an easy task: it requires expertise and professional care. The manually cultivated vine is more grateful, and the manually harvested grapes taste better. A long series of tasks need to be done manually to achieve the right quality of fruit.



The labyrinth is the symbol of the Gál Tibor Winery. The logo was designed by an Italian baroness, and it symbolises Eger’s underground maze of cellars. Interestingly enough, the design of the overhead brick arches at Gál Tibor Fusion is also similar to a labyrinth. “One needed perfect observation and orientation, the will to fight hardships and a certain amount of time to find their way into or out of a labyrinth, and each person has been blessed with a different degree of these skills. It is not difficult to recognise an abstract image of man’s path of life in this road, which requires serious preparation; in another sense, the centre of the labyrinth symbolises the achievement of a higher consciousness and knowledge.” Making wine is an equally intricate path for us, full of secrets and thrill.